Voca People at Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz

Voca People at Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz

They are out of this world!

This month the XII Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz—La Nueva Era features VocaPeople who will be performing in La Antigua Guatemala on Sat., Feb. 2 and Sun., Feb. 3, both performances at 7 p.m., La Ermita de la Santa Cruz. Following is an offbeat interview with Lior Kalfo, creator and director of VocaPeople:

Tell us about planet Voca, how many inhabitants are there?
Kalfo: Voca is more like a beautiful, white and shiny star, though some say it’s really the planet of creativity.

Does everyone communicate through music?
Kalfo: This is the beauty of VocaPeople, there is only music and vocal expressions, no instruments, and together they sound like a full orchestra. It is pure, sheer talent; this is why Shai Fisham (musical director) and I were so astonished by these mysterious inter-galactic travelers. They can imitate the sound of any musical instruments.

What does music mean to VocaPeople?
Kalfo: It’s the most powerful source of energy. It creates life, communication, meaning and harmony. Their motto is “Life is Music, Music is Life.”

We know that you have visited planet Earth several times, what is your most pleasant memory of this planet?
Kalfo: Shai and I are earthlings but VocaPeople have sent several delegations to planet Earth. There have been so many pleasant moments. They spent over a year in NYC, performing on Off-Broadway; and also in the subway stations. They loved the audiences. They’ve travelled to 20 countries in the three years and each place and its people were special and unique to them.

What is their impression of the human race?
Kalfo: They adore the music of planet Earth, with so many cultures, languages and musical themes and styles. But, VocaPeople are worried that humans are not making the most of the wonderful music on their planet. They want to send them a message: Make music, not war!

What kind of performance can audiences in Guatemala expect from VocaPeople?
Kalfo: It will be an hour and a half musical journey featuring seventy popular songs that will connect audience members with their own inner child, memories and feelings. The arrangements are brilliant and innovative—the purity of sound of a cappella and a beat box feels like it’s coming from out of this world. Whether you are five or 105, you’ll laugh, a lot, and leave the show humming and singing to yourself. Thank you Guatemala, VocaPeople are excited to visit!

• The XII Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz—La Nueva Era will also feature a performance by
Lila Downs in a not-to-be-missed performance on Fri., Feb. 8, 8pm, Ermita de la Santa Cruz.
(for details see DateBook)
• Tickets for VocaPeople and Lila Downs available at Todoticket and la Biblioteca Municipal de
Antigua Guatemala, “Francisco Antonio Fuentes y Guzmán.”
• For more information visit www.fundaciónpaiz.org.gt

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