Ubi’s Sushi Expands into Korean Fare

Ubi’s Sushi Expands into Korean Fare (images by Rudy Girón)

Ubi’s Sushi Expands into Korean Fare (images by Rudy Girón)

Craving kimchi? That red-hot, chili-laced cabbage condiment ubiquitous to all Korean food things is now available on a new menu brought to you by Ubi’s Sushi. Owner and Executive Chef Jeremías López decided to expand into the largely uncharted Korean food territory in La Antigua Guatemala in March, after having success with a similar menu at his restaurant in Guatemala City. Now, in addition to sushi bar creations, you can sample traditional dishes from Korea.

If you are unfamiliar with Korean food, a good dish to start with is denyanchigue, a mild soup of vegetables, tofu and rice, or if you are feeling bold, jump right into the kimchichigue stew. Starting with a base of fragrant beef broth, Ubi’s adds strips of pork and pungent, tangy red chili kimchi to a soup that would cure even the peskiest lingering cold.

The kimchi is made in house with gochugaru, a Korean chili powder, and allowed to marinate for at least three days (until it has what some Korean-food enthusiasts call a “funky” flavor). Perhaps the most traditional and well-known dish on the menu is the bulgogui—strips of beef marinated in sweet and savory sauce, sautéed with vegetables and served with rice.

Ubi’s is banking on the time being right in Antigua to expand into this more obscure Asian cuisine. In 2009, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that there were close to 10,000 Korean immigrants living here, bringing their flavors, cooking methods and appetites with them. Taking into consideration this rapidly expanding population combined with the sea of food-savvy travelers who pass through La Antigua every year, Ubi’s may be right.

Ubi’s Sushi is located on 6a. Avenida Sur No. 12 B-2, Tel. 7832-2767.

Natalie Rose is a freelance writer based in La Antigua Guatemala whose policy on kimchi is “the funkier the better.”

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