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A new book club in Chiché, El Quiché

A new book club in Chiché, El Quiché

The Riecken Foundation establishes and supports community libraries in Guatemala and Honduras. The network of 11 community libraries in Guatemala provides dynamic programming for people of all ages and free access to information resources, including Internet, reading programs, youth clubs, technical workshops and cultural events.

To promote democracy and prosperity in Central America through community libraries that spark a spirit of discovery and social participation.

2008 Achievements:

  • Nine community-managed libraries received over 180,000 visits
  • Delivered over 900 dynamic story hours, 521 book club sessions and 135 early childhood development activities, plus 1,125 other educational and social activities
  • Local volunteers totaled 1,255, offering 18,327 volunteer hours
  • Locally-based fundraising provides free Internet access to all users

Current Projects:
Completing installation of the 10th and 11th community libraries in Guatemala made possible through generous donations from Miracles in Action, based in Naples, FL; in partnership with the Finnish Embassy, delivering more activities in Mayan languages and integrating local traditions and organization into their administration; the Soros Foundation and Open Society Institute working with the foundation to strengthen the network of Guatemalan youth groups engaging in formal debate competitions. UNESCO will be publishing a case study on the Riecken Foundation’s successful formula and experiences in engaging local communities to generate their own opportunities.

Wish List:

  • Partner with donors who wish to support our mission, whether a particular community or program (any amount welcome)
  • New or gently used computers
  • New children’s books in Spanish
  • Expand the network to eventually blanket Guatemala with modern community libraries that leverage regional impacts across diverse populations

For more information, visit us at: or call (502) 7832-9267
Please visit us for a free tour of our Model Library at 2a calle poniente #2, one block east of the arch on Calle del Arco/5a avenida norte, La Antigua.

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  • Patricia Sanders

    I will be in Antigua visiting from July 14th to August 4th. We are two friends traveling with 3 girls each. two of the girls a 16 years old and they are looking to do community work in Guatemala. They are both fluent in Spanish. Is there anything they can help you with.



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