The Gift of Non-verbal Communication

by Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa.

Science is catching up with intuition! A study published Aug. 19 by PLOS ONE documented the first direct brain-to-brain communication. The words “hola” and “ciao” were sent between two people thousands of miles apart.

“The evolution of civilization points to a progressive increase of the interrelations between human minds, where by ‘mind’ we mean a set of processes carried out by the brain.”

“We were able to directly and non-invasively transmit a thought from one person to another, without them having to speak or write,” stated co-author Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a neurologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and Harvard Medical School professor.

The excitement this study created offers greater insights into the way we communicate with each other and especially our “non-speaking” friends of the animal kingdom.

photo by Renaud Ruhlmann

photo by Renaud Ruhlmann

Animals are bound by their nature and as this study suggests, the “mind” is a set of processes carried out by the brain. Animals do not carry judgment about how they speak with us so are not limited by belief or non-belief in telepathy.

Living with animals of any species, one rapidly learns that they are communicating through the processes of their own brain. There is the knowing that comes from eye contact or the way a head is held. Body language is a communication language all unto itself and most veterinarians will admit a large part of diagnosis comes through reading body language and other non-verbal cues from the animal.

Ultimately the greater question is not if the ability to communicate non-verbally exists, it is simply: Are we listening?

When we listen with our heart and our eyes, along with our ears, we discover a vast language that is speaking clearly and loudly. Our animal friends have mastered this language, a beautiful dance that integrates all of the senses.

As you take in the sights of La Antigua Guatemala, myriad animals are speaking to you. Birds in the Parque Central dance to meet a seed or piece of bread as the horses breathe and sigh ever aware of their surroundings.

And then, there are the dogs, offering the opportunity to hone your non-verbal communication skills through a variety of communications. Everything from the one that breaks your heart as it is seeking food and care, to the one that is happily dancing by its owner eager to please. There are also the ones that are clearly saying “stay away.”

Engage a lively conversation with a Mayan elder on the subject of “talking animals” and he will share story after story of the power and accuracy of these communications.
Ultimately it is our ability to want to listen to our animal partners that is awakening our inner awareness.

Collectively humanity has arrived at the moment where we must gaze within at the correlation between human survival and global deterioration. Our animal partners are quickly losing habitat and perhaps it is our animal friends who hold a powerful key to our future.

One aspect of this key is the gift of non-verbal communication that cannot be manipulated; a rare gift of clarity and focus inviting us to remember the best that we can be.

So as you take that stroll through the Parque Central, why not take a moment and communicate with the animals that are speaking to you. Have fun and discover a world that has always been there, all you have to do is listen.

Sri and Kira are the owners of TOSA La Laguna Boutique Hotel & Spa at Lake Atitlan and best-selling authors and radio show hosts. and

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