The best Salvadoran coffees land in North American coffee shops

After being milled, packed and shipped with the utmost care, the best of the best is available at the top specialty coffee roasters and coffee shops around the world, particularly in North America. Sold in a record-breaking auction in June, 36 lots of the most sought-after coffee from El Salvador are there for all coffee lovers to enjoy.

Some of these fine El Salvador 2008 Cup of Excellence buyers include Sacred Grounds Coffee Roasters of California; 49th Parallel Roasters., Inc., British Columbia; EccoCaffe, California; Ritual Coffee Roasters, California; Café Imports, Minnesota; Coffee Roasters of New Orleans, Louisiana; Sweet Maria’s Coffee, Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea, Connecticut; Terroir Coffee, Massachusetts; Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company, Washington; LAMILL Coffee, California; PTs Coffee Roasting Co., Kansas; Coffee Klatch, California; Royal Coffee, New York; Rojo’s Roastery, New Jersey; Coffee Labs, New York; Coffee Depot, California; Java Blend Coffee Roasters, Nova Scotia; Barefoot Coffee Roasters, California; Blue Bottle Coffee Co., California; Tony’s Coffees & Teas, Inc., Washington; Caffé Pronto, Maryland; San Antonio Coffee Roasters, Texas; Transcend Coffee, Alberta; Johnson Brothers Coffee Roasters; Wisconsin; and Alliance World Coffees, Indiana.

El Salvador is proud to present North American consumers with this exceptional coffee. When you get back home, don’t forget to look for them at your nearest roaster or coffee shop.

For more information about specific winning Cup of Excellence lots visit: or your favorite roaster’s web site.

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