The Ark of Compassion through Music and Medical Services

In 2016 the Ark of Compassion brought a group of talented high school musicians to San Andres, Guatemala to participate in its program “Empowerment Training in Guatemala.”

During the ten-day trip, it donated instruments and the student teachers taught trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet and violin to local children. The result, the San Andres Semetabaj Youth Orchestra is now a reality.

The Ark of Compassion through Music

To cap off this trip, a musical concert was presented to patients at a local hospital with performances by musicians from the U.S. and Mexico. To everyone’s delight, at the close of the event, the newly-formed San Andres Semetabaj Youth Orchestra played the Guatemalan national anthem.

The Ark of Compassion through MusicThe Ark of Compassion will continue to contribute financial support to local teachers and provide musical instruments to students with the expectation that these activities will make music an integral part of their communities. We hope, as well, that other students will be motivated to explore their musical talents and embrace education so that they may become well-rounded community leaders.

In addition to teaching music and providing musical instruments, the Ark of Compassion funded free medical examinations to local villagers and donated $1,000 for the purchase of wheelchairs.

It also offers ongoing support to doctors in order to offer free medical examinations to those who otherwise could not afford it. To further assist these doctors, in September 2016, it supplied them with much needed medical supplies and equipment.

The Ark of Compassion hopes to surpass last year’s outreach by continuing to expanding its efforts in Guatemala, Haiti, Bolivia and other parts of the world by making a difference in the lives of others.

REVUE Article by Kyunghee Kim

UPCOMING EVENT: June 19 through June 26 (Spanish) WORKSHOP Empowerment Training in Guatemala with Hayeon Oak/The Ark of Compassion. For more info. contact Kyunghee Kim, (U.S.) tel: +201-704-5888, email: or Abraham Kim (Guatemala) tel: 5536-7384, email: This event is co-sponsored by San Andres Semetabaj, Villa Nueva

Ark of Compassion

Meeting with the mayor of San Andres

Ark of Compassion


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