The Antigua Photography Club

Club Fotográfico de Antigua

Club Fotográfico de Antigua

The local community of photographers will officially introduce itself to La Antigua this month with its first 
collective exhibit.

The sentiment is a common one and spills from the lips of most residents and visitors alike: walking the streets of the quintessentially colonial town of La Antigua is like walking through a living painting, an everlasting photograph. Thus, it is fitting that the community of devoted photographers who cannot resist this “photographer’s paradise” has organized itself into an official group. The Antigua Photography Club (Club Fotográfico de Antigua) meets on the first Thursday of every month to share its members’ ideas and work, offering valuable peer-to-peer support, criticism and advice to professional and amateur alike.

“The only requirement is the desire to learn or share the way you look at the world through the lens,” says club co-founder Nelo Mijangos.

The idea of the club, Mijangos adds, is “to develop and promote educational and cultural activities in Antigua.”

The fledgling club has met just a handful of times but already boasts more than 15 members. Each month photographers bring two examples of their work that fall within pre-determined themes agreed upon at the prior meeting, with one example in black and white and the other in color. Various members of the group also lead workshops each meeting to help further develop the skills and knowledge of the local community of photographers.

“We share experiences, techniques and great moments that we have learned within the world of photography,” Mijangos says.

CFA’s first exhibition is scheduled for November 6. The collective work will be displayed in Claustro del Convento de Capuchinas. The exhibition is a part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Consejo para la Protección de La Antigua Guatemala. The club’s collection of photos will have two objectives: to introduce the club to the local community and to collaborate with a local association in need of support through the sale of photographs.

All club members are invited to exhibit, submitting photographs dealing with themes that the members of the club have presented in prior meetings as well as the two themes agreed upon for November: metaphorical ruins in black and white and ruins in color.

The opening of the exposition will be celebrated November 6 at 7 p.m. with a musical presentation by DJ BradElectro. JP’s Rumbar will be sponsoring the event with cocktails.

Editor Note to all photographers: If you would like your photo to be included in the
7th annual REVUE Photo Issue in January 2010, please submit it to us no later than
Dec. 10, 2009, to (more details on page 4)

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