Robert Flanagan Artist Profile

Artist Profile Robert Flanagan

Robert Flanagan, AJAX Artist Biography Robert Flanagan, who uses the artist name AJAX, was born in the U.S. As a child, he was always drawing and making super-8 movies. In search of formal artistic training, he moved for two years to London where he studied at the British Museum’s Department of Prints and Drawings Library. —— Biografía del Artista Robert […]

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César Pineda Moncrieff Artist Profile

Transitions & Explosions of Intuition a Portrait of Artist César Pineda Moncrieff “Art is a key and a way to encounter other spaces within me. Something more ancient, it is something deeply intuitive … It is a connection with myself and something beyond that”. — César Pineda Moncrieff Transition. That inevitable, beautiful, complex and perhaps trepidatious moment when we transform […]

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