Celebrating Latin Heritage: Amalia’s Kitchen

Latin Heritage

Sept. 15 marked the beginning of a month-long celebration of Latin culture in the United States – and what a great way to commemorate it with healthy, delicious cuisine. In this article we are celebrating Latin heritage with a recipe for Spicy Seafood Pasta. The weeklong observation began in 1968 by mandate of President Lyndon Johnson, and President Ronald Reagan […]

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AMALIA’S KITCHEN: Latin Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Delights

Latin gluten free food

Guatemalan and Latin cuisine offer many suggestions for making traditional dishes in healthy ways without compromising flavor and quality. My food philosophy is practical and healthy. I grew up eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean proteins, unprocessed foods and healthy oils, such as canola and olive oil. Some Guatemalan cooking uses lard, but my grandmother avoided it […]

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