Fuego Volcano Eruption — The Aftermath

Fuego Volcano Eruption

Since the eruption of the Fuego Volcano on Sunday, June 3, 2018, I have been watching the updates on the internet and hearing news from friends close to the front line with a profound sense of helplessness. Hundreds of people were killed just 12 miles from our home on the steep pitch of volcanic land in a tragic natural disaster. […]

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Fuego Volcano: What’s going on?

Fuego Volcano Guatemala

“The reason why the February eruptions seemed stronger was basically wind direction blowing from west to northeast,” says volcanologist Gustavo Chigna at INSIVUMEH. “Each volcano is an independent machine—nay, each vent and monticule is for the time being engaged in its own peculiar business, cooking as it were its special dish, which in due time is to be separately served.” This […]

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