Shifting Paradigms: Water is Life!

Water is Life (photo by Rudy Girón)

The soul-searching opportunities of living off grid are fascinating. There are those who believe a solar panel and car battery will keep things going when the power goes out. This is naïve and a waste of money.

Clarity helps you set priorities. Am I seeking help for emergencies only? Do I just need lights or do I need my refrigerator? Going solar is more than just electric. What about your water supply? The truth is that homes dependent upon an outside supplier for drinking water still have a health risk.

Money spent on bottled water could be replaced by installing a filtering system that offers higher quality, healthy water without any need for bottles. A water filter system does not require delivery and frees you from dependency. There is an up-front investment, and this will be paid back to you rapidly.

At Lake Atitlán we have a plentiful water source, the lake itself. However, lake water includes a variety of pollutants and must be treated before using it for drinking. At TOSA La Laguna we filter the water three times, plus we purify it with a large UV system.

Choosing a water filter is very important, as most of the stores in Guatemala sell sediment filters only—the first step. A sediment filter keeps dirt and leaves from entering your system. This filter protects the more expensive carbon filter, which is step two in your purification process.

Our TOSA La Laguna Holistic Spa and Retreat Center runs water through a huge carbon filter, which has a life of 300,000 gallons before needing replacement. This is a four-year life cycle, and it is maintenance free. A carbon filter protects you from most bacteria, herbicides, pesticides and chlorine, along with dissolved pharmaceuticals, offering complete elimination of these toxins.

When tropical storm Agatha raged through the lakeside village of San Antonio Palopó in 2010, the village lost its spring-fed water supply. This left residents with no alternative but to pump polluted water from the lake. We had the opportunity to explain the importance of water purification and later installed advanced systems in the village. This helped prevent the greater threat of health endangerment and this type of system is far healthier than simply throwing large amounts of chlorine into a holding tank.

Many diseases result from toxic buildup over years of ingesting (and breathing) pollutants. High-quality carbon filters eliminate toxins and offer your body a rest.

Step three in our water treatment at TOSA is UV filtration of the water. Ultraviolet light is not actually a filter – it is a light wave that disarms living organisms such as cysts, bacteria and viruses. The UV filter offers insurance that our guests can use water from any tap or shower and it will be healthy and pure.

UV is the most expensive part of the system, and UV bulbs must be replaced annually at a cost of around $400 each. We also suggest using ozone to treat your cistern. Ozone systems can be purchased for under $200 and will sanitize a 500-gallon cistern. First use a sediment filter on your main water inlet that feeds the cistern, and then ozonate that water. Finally, pump the water through a carbon filter before it enters your home.

We then add “magic” to our water. Quantum science has shown that water delivered through pipes is “flattened” and loses its structure and vitality. Professor Emoto of Japan published several books demonstrating the power that positive prayer has upon water. Other scientists have demonstrated that water, which is tumbled down a mountain stream, has more “life force.” This life force is measured by analyzing the cluster size of the water molecule. Small cluster size hydrates your body faster. Thus water that has been spun, aerated and bounced is actually more bio-available than water from the tube.

At TOSA we spin the water through pure quartz crystals, setting up counter rotating vortexes. These vortexes cause the water to dissolve any negative impressions picked up from the environment or a municipal processing plant. Water that has been vortex treated is alive and therefore you are alive and healthy, too!

So the next time you take a sip of water, consider the vitality that is yours to enjoy with just a few steps of conscious action.

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