September 2010 in Revue Magazine

One of the treasures recently uncovered at El Diablo (photo by

One of the treasures recently uncovered at El Diablo (photo by

The tomb was found on May 28 of this year. Co-director for the bi-national Archaeological Project El Zotz, Edwin Román Ramírez, believes it is the burial chamber of King Chak’ Ahk, one of the first kings of a Mayan dynasty to settle in El Zotz. The tomb contained caches of elaborate stucco masks and ceramic vessels as well as 1,600-year-old body parts.

Writer Kara Andrade gives us the inside story of this rare and important discovery, with some excellent images from on-site photographer Arturo Godoy. Godoy’s photograph on the cover is the head of a lidded fragmented vessel that has been nicknamed the “Dragon Head.”

September 15 is Guatemala’s Independence Day, and we offer two articles on this subject. Elizabeth Bell and Dwight Wayne Coop cover different angles of the history of Guatemala’s struggle for freedom.

Judy Cohen brings us the backstory of La Antigua’s Parque Central. From a blank square on the original town drawings 467 years ago to today’s recently refurbished make over, the park has been through a series of changes.

Panajachel is hosting the 18th annual Cycle Messenger World Championships, which is a pretty big deal, and the whole scoop is on page 92.

There is plenty more to read and see inside this issue, including some great cultural events listed in DateBook.

We hope your September is filled with fun adventures and we wish Guatemala a very Happy Birthday!

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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