Revue Magazine September 2021


200 years ago the signing of the Act of Independence broke the ties of political dependence from Spain and the new national entity became the Federal Republic of Central America. Hadazul Cruz gives us a brief historical pictorial feature and what events set the groundwork for the declaration of Guatemalan independence on September 15, 1821.

Winners REVUE Photo Contest September

2nd Place Popular Vote “Libre al viento tu hermosa bandera” Finca La Escondida by Alejandrina Zapet

Getting around Guatemala on bicycle can be daunting. That’s where the organizers of BICIRUTA 502 come in. Their dream is to build the necessary infrastructure for bike paths throughout the country, starting with a 21 kilometer model circuit connecting Antigua with its surrounding villages. There is more information starting on page 44.

Guatemala’s first medical scientist was Dr. Manuel Ávalos y Porras. He was an active combatant in the epidemics of infectious diseases that swept La Antigua after its partial destruction in the earthquake of Santa Marta in 1773. We revisit the late great Dr. Johnny Long’s research on this very innovative Guatemalan.

Chef Amalia introduces us to several Guatemalan artisan cheeses and shares her special recipe for Dobladas de Frijoles y Queso. And, The Youth for a Green Guate (Jovens por Guate Verde) are asking that you buy their raffle tickets and maybe win a new car. The money raised is for a great cause. See page 49 for details. Have a great September.

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