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Pablo Lima Iriarte

This month we present one of our favorite themed-issues, Pets in Guatemala. Firstly, we love animals as do countless Guatemalans. That being the case, this is also a shout out to all of you who have rescued an animal, or adopted one, to groups and individuals who work day and night to better the lives of animals in Guatemala—sheltering and rehabilitating, organizing sterilization clinics, positive-reinforcement trainers, educational reach-outs, groups who work on legal issues which affect animals, and people who donate to animal causes.

Thousands of starving, injured, sick and frightened animals are no longer suffering in unbearable circumstances—because of you.

We also want to share some of the wonderful images of Pets in Guatemala, a huge thank you to all the photographers who entered the October photo contest. Featured Videos—Aiding Animals.
Where Does Your Dog Sleep at Night? by Linda Green, C.T.C. She makes for a compelling case to have your dog sleep inside the house with you at night.

Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard cooks up Guatemalan Kitchen Camaraderie that includes a recipe for Chicken with Loroco Flower Buds and also Arroz con Chipilín.

Border Crossing honors the incredible spirit of Fern Hohman Robinson who passed away in Guatemala on Aug. 29, 2018.

The month begins with Día del Niño (Oct. 1) and ends on Oct. 31 with Halloween. In between, there are all kinds of activities, events, art shows and more. For some fun listings, you’re just a click away on DATEBOOK Cultural Events calendar. For avid readers, the Book Alert includes three offerings that may be of interest.

Art enthusiasts most especially will enjoy this month’s Artist Profile by Sonya Poller featuring the work of César Pineda Moncrieff. His exhibit Transitions is open through Nov. 3 at the Fundación Rozas Botran Gallery in Cayala, zone 16, Guatemala City.

In planning ahead for Nov. 1, Hadazul Cruz previews The Kites of Guatemala and an All Saints Day Procession with a twist. There is a lot to do and see in October, and we hope you enjoy it all.

John and Terry Kovick Biskovich

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