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The Day of the Dead and All Saints Day get the month of November started and mark the beginning of the year-end season of holidays, festivals and traditions. All of these events have one thing in common, food. Guatemala has several wonderful and intricate traditional meals, beverages and refacciones to accompany these festivals and holidays.

photo by Guillermo A. Chocano Alfaro

We delve into several of these seasonal foods, from Pepián to Ponche, with the help of Hadazul Cruz in her article Traditional Guatemalan Foods: What they are and when to eat them (recipes included). As Hadazul explains, “Guatemala has an extraordinary culinary tradition as it brings together a mixture of Spanish and Maya cultures. Dishes are elaborate with complex recipes and ingredients—some are prepared days in advance.

More food will be delivered in the form of Chef Amalia’s presentation Splendid Table Celebrations with a recipe for a Fruta Festiva Cocktail.

The Centro Regional de Patrimonio shares with us The Rescue of the Intangible Heritage of Guatemala. CERPA is dedicated to the recovery of Guatemala’s cultural heritage through the use of ancient artistic techniques within its restoration workshops, including Egg Tempera Painting.

We truly hope you have an appetizing November.
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