REVUE Magazine November 2018


Welcome to our 9th Annual Food Issue. Guatemala has wonderful national dishes, there are many tasty regional recipes which add another good reason to travel around this beautiful country.

As more people look for healthier food options, we are happy to introduce you to Michelle B. Sultan, founder of La Botica Verde. In this interview by Mindy Grantham, Michelle explains how working with local businesses and farmers can provide on-demand access to organic produce, natural cosmetics, ecologically-friendly cleaning supplies and zero-waste products.

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“Black bread and shecas” San Marcos by Guillermo A. Chocano Alfaro

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, so this month Chef and author Amalia Moreno-Damgaard presents us with Joy in the Kitchen During the Holidays. As she explains, “Cooking can be as easy as you want it to be, just take a little time to think about what you enjoy.”

Our thanks to the photographers who entered this month’s photo contest Food in Guatemala and congratulations to the winners of both the popular and judges’ vote. As always we received some excellent images. Next month the contest theme will be Smiles in Guatemala. And, photographers can submit their favorite Guatemalan photo for the January 2019 Photo Issue.

While many Latin American countries celebrate Dia de los Santos, Fiambre is unique to Guatemala. More than a food item, it is a symbol of Guatemalan love and community, We share with you this history of family and tradition on page 54.

Keep turning the pages and you will find a fantastic recipe for Garifuna Tapado using coconut milk and boat-fresh seafood, and we explore Expat Food Cravings while drones explore Lake Atitlán and the Pacific Coast giving us great video footage within this interactive magazine. Have a great November.

Terry and John Biskovich



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