Revue Magazine February 2022


Friends and Lovers is the theme of the Photo Contest this month. February’s Valentines Day reminds us to appreciate the loved ones in our life. The participating photographers capture some great moments. During the middle ages, Valentine’s Day was not associated with flowers, chocolates and gifts, instead it was a day to commemorate the acts of Valentinus. It was said that Saint Valentinus was imprisoned and executed on February 14 for defying Emperor Claudius II by illegally officiating marriage among soldiers.

2nd Place judges Vote “Cuando miro en tus ojos” Todos Santos Cuchumatán by Guido De León

The Cathedral in Antigua (Santiago de los Caballeros Cathedral) was consecrated in November 1680, and has been battered by five major earthquakes over the centuries. The most recent restoration work started in 2016 and in Re-Restoring La Antigua’s Cathedral, Revue contributor Hadazul Cruz explains the interesting process.

In Traveling Through the Land of Eternal Spring: A Literary Journey author Mark Walker takes a tour of other authors’ works such as Francisco Goldman, Victor Montejo, Mario Vargas Llosa and Miguel Angel Asturias. We wish you a wonderful month of February, and remember to do something nice for your friends and loved ones and even strangers.
— John and Terry Kovich Biskovich, Publishers

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” —Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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