Qué le vaya bien, Zac

After bartending at the Monoloco restaurant for four years, Zac Ballentine is returning to the United States to enroll in college and perhaps work as a ski instructor in Colorado.

“I love Antigua and I love the Monoloco. I could spend the rest of my life here, but I’m approaching 30 and I can’t do it forever,” he says. “I miss my family a lot, too – I have two fairly new nephews.”

Before moving to La Antigua from his native Minneapolis in September 2006, Zac had visited Guatemala twice, as his older brother was working at a nonprofit here. Zac learned of the Monoloco bartending job through his brother.

“My most memorable experience was when my brother and I lived together; we overlapped here for a year. It made us so much closer. That first year was so much fun.”

Zac’s first New Year’s was another memorable time. “It was incredible, I was blown away with how busy it was and how much fun it was.”

And what will he miss most about Antigua?

“Honestly, it’s going to the Monoloco and all the friends I met here – all the staff, the managers, the owners – because they’ve been so nice to me. I’ll miss the easy lifestyle, too.”

And those many friends will miss him, too. ¡Qué le vaya bien!

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