Project Ix-canaan

written by Maraya Loza-Koxahn

Project Ix-canaan was established in 1995 by Canadian Anne Lossing and Guatemalan doctor Enrique Chapetón in El Remate near Lake Petén Itzá. Her dream to live in a hot climate and a vision of world peace led Anne to the jungle, where she met a man with a complementary vision. Together they continue to create better living conditions for the locals and gather people from around the world to support their vision.

Ix-canaan is a Mayan word that means “guardians of the rainforest.” The goal of Project Ix-canaan is to assist people who live in the jungle, through improved health, education and opportunity, to become the true guardians of the rainforest. To conduct tourism in a way that is ecologically sound, brings prosperity to the locals and education to all, is a top priority to Project Ix-canaan. Another mandate is to promote sustainable jungle culture by focusing research on the alimentary, medicinal and industrial value of the seeds of the Ix-canaan, and all, jungle trees.

Past Achievements
Project Ix-canaan created a free medical clinic, a computerized library, an outdoor play area and a women’s center. The project has also been instrumental in supporting the local Puesto de Salud and NUFED school.

Current Projects
Unificación Maya is an annual winter solstice celebration at Tikal leading up to December 21, 2012—the end of the Mayan calendar. It brings together spiritual guides from several Mayan groups with interested people from all over the world to participate in seven days of sacred Mayan fire ceremonies. Ongoing projects include upgrading water and sanitation in the village, square foot gardens and expansion in all areas.

Wish List
Volunteers in any capacity are always welcome—as are financial donations, computers, educational and medical supplies. Currently needed is a web designer to create a new website.

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