Porta Hotels gets gold rating for going green

Porta Hotels has received a verification seal by the Rainforest Alliance and certification by the GREAT Green Deal program, which identifies it as an environmentally friendly company.

With locations in La Antigua and Panajachel, Porta Hotels demonstrates its commitment to Guatemala’s culture and environment hand in hand with the comfort, luxury, highest quality and security in lodging and dining services.

Porta Hotels received the gold level, the highest, based on sustainable tourism global standards set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Carmen Rosa Pérez, executive director of the GREAT Green Deal program, said, “We are satisfied with the performance shown by Porta Hotel Antigua and Porta Hotel Del Lago, whose staff, starting with the highest positions through the lower-grade employee, has understood the meaning of tourism sustainability and has put into practice the sustainability policies they promote: Order in the administrative management, high quality and security for local and foreign tourists, efficiency in natural resources saving, promotion and support to the destination where they operate, constant training and fair treatment to employees, as well as environmental conservation, especially at Lago de Atitlán.”

The Rainforest Alliance offers training to tourism businesses and provides them with the tools and techniques they need to run efficiently and sustainably.

For more information about Porta Hotels visit www.portahotel.com and visit www.rainforest-alliance.org for details.

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