Plants of the Montane Forests

written by Ana Lucrecia de MacVean

Plantas de los Bosques Montanos Guatemala

Ana Lucrecia de MacVean is a botanist, teacher and curator of the Herbarium UVAL, Institute of Research at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. She has been collecting, identifying and studying plants in Guatemala for more than 15 years, and in doing so developed a geo-referencing and digitizing project for UVAL specimens. She also devotes time to the conservation of urban pine and oak forests. As well, she collaborates with many international botanical institutions, including the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian, the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Museum of Natural History, London, England.

Plants of the Montane Forests/Plantas de los Bosques Montanos Guatemala is the first color field guide of Guatemalan flora. It features 452 color photographs and describes 152 species, most of which are native to Guatemalan forests. All species include a description, habitat/distribution and the flowering season. Most of the species include information on various uses. This is a must have for plant lovers and experts alike.  

Plants of the Montane Forests/Plantas de los Bosques Montanos Guatemala can be purchased in Guatemala City at the Herbarium Univ. del Valle (, Sophos, the Vista Hermosa Bookstore and the Museo Ixchel. In La Antigua, it’s available at the Vivero Escalonia, CIRMA and the Revue office; in Panama, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute bookstore and on-line contact,

The author has written two other acclaimed botanical books, Plantas útiles de Sololá and Plantas útiles de Petén.

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