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The Panchoy Valley is made up of several municipalities in the Guacalate River basin, including La Antigua, Jocotenango, Ciudad Vieja, Santo Domingo Xenacoj and Sumpango.

Have you ever wondered what La Antigua and its surrounding areas would be like 50 years from now? Most of the dreamers picture it as a prosperous area, full of culture and tradition, with international tourists mesmerized by its beauty and the locals enjoying a high quality of life and an organized infrastructure.

The realists see a chaotic Panchoy Valley, where the rivers flood the towns during the rainy season; cars, buses and trucks take over the towns; visitors avoid the area because of smog and lack of security; and historic buildings crumble from lack of restoration.

To develop a cohesive, long-term vision for the Panchoy Valley, the dreamers and the realists have come together to create the foundation Panchoy 50. It is an ongoing initiative that combines the efforts of more than 200 people, including residents, authorities, businessmen, collaborative partners and friends of the Panchoy Valley. The project will embrace the vision for sustainable development in a holistic way, from education and health to solid-waste disposal and transportation.

The organization’s main objective is to encourage the economic, social and cultural development of the Panchoy Valley, a full 13 municipalities in addition to the Antigua council, for a total of 14 mayors.

Panchoy 50 is made up of 11 commissions and a coordinating committee for the commissions. The commissions cover security, health, education, citizen participation for municipal development; economy and distribution systems, communications and public relations; infrastructure; sustainable tourism; environment and natural resources; culture; and urbanism, restoration, conservation and architecture.

After researching its assigned area, each commission will present its findings and recommendations in public to all participants and stakeholders, in hopes of developing a vision for the future of the valley. The final project/guideline will be presented formally to the central government and all public and private organizations that have a stake in this endeavor.

Panchoy 50 will not only be a document but a permanent process of dialogue, coordination and execution. It is hoped that the careful work and planning of these commissions will attract local and international, private and public, present and future investments in the short, medium and long term allowing everybody, from the baker to the chain hotel owner, to prosper in the Panchoy Valley.

Please join us in our effort to salvage the Panchoy Valley. For more information please visit our website at www.visionpanchoy50.org or email us at info at visionpanchoy50.org

PRESS RELEASE from the Panchoy 50 Foundation

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