Open Windows Library

Open Windows Library

Thanks to all!

This month Open Windows Library and Learning Center will also be serving the disadvantaged children of San Miguel Dueñas. The children will receive help with homework, reinforcement of math and reading, computer classes and a daily afternoon activity that follows the fourth-grade curriculum of the public schools. In addition, over 50 scholarships are given to students in básico and diversificado.

Open Windows organizers thank the following for their continued support throughout the years: Nathan Liskey, Café Condesa, REVUE Magazine, Antigua Tours and Barbara Cernikovsky.

They also thank the following who have donated to Open Windows activities:
Agencia de Seguros Ceballos y Sánchez, Agua Ecológica, Caobadoors, S.A., Carnes Santa María, Centro Visual G&G, Cocinas Industriales, Comercial Agropecuaria Europea, Distribuidora Los Cuatro, Dr. Juan Manuel Rodríguez, Dr. Julio Paredes, Finca La Azotea, Helados POPS, Jaleas Panchoy, Mireille Hanna, La Peña del Sol Latino, Plásticos San José, Productos Soya Lee, Rainbow Café, SAGRIP, S.A., Suministros y Alimentos, S.A., Trebolac, S.A., Toledo S.A., W.E. Dieseldorff Coffee and Clínica Veterinaria El Arca.

In addition, Open Windows thanks the many businesses and people who donated to its New Year’s Eve party and silent auction. A special thanks to the guests, Audrey B., helpers, board members, staff and volunteers who make Open Windows’ work possible this year.

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