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Reforma Business Centers inaugurates its Antigua branch

Reforma Business Centers inaugurates its Antigua branch There are a variety of reasons why businesses and individuals seek out ready-made office centers, ranging from needing to expand an already bustling business, wanting to improve profit-to-loss ratios, to the entrepreneur with a big idea who wants to stop working from home. If this sounds like your business, Reforma Business Center has you covered for all of the above and more. And with Reforma’s new branch in La Antigua, it is easier than ever to expand an existing business, test new markets or start a new venture.

According to Reforma Director General Armando Sobalvarro Conde, the first phase of the Antigua branch is now open in the Centro Gerencial Marqués del Rubio building, at the exit to Guatemala City. Mr. Sobalvarro selected this location because of the building’s access to business essentials such as state-of-the-art internet connections and phone lines, as well as its access to secure parking—a rarity anywhere in Guatemala.

Mr. Sobalvarro’s goal is to offer all the convenience and comfort of your own office without the overhead and staffing headaches that come with one. By paying one fee (offices available monthly, weekly or daily), business owners can take advantage of all Reforma offers, including a copy center, courier services, office cleaning, and receiving and managing phone calls and faxes. Mr. Sobalvarro says the goal is to support businesses and business owners so they can reach for success.

Reforma is equally concerned with helping businesses run as efficiently as possible by providing a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing work environment. Reforma also understands that at times a business owner in Antigua may need to conduct business in Guatemala City and vice versa. By becoming an RBC member, you will have access to office space in both locations for meetings and video conferences, so that work can flow, uninterrupted, between the capital and Antigua.

So whether you have a budding idea or are looking for a satellite office in Antigua, Reforma is here to help.

The new Reforma Business Center in Antigua is located in Centro Gerencial Marqués del Rubio, Oficina #16. For more information and a free quote, go to

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