New Hospitality Academy

Established just two years ago, the Academia de Hostelería has quickly played an important role in the development of tourism as a key industry for sustainable development in El Salvador.
The academy offers a variety of courses in all facets of the hotel and restaurant business, tailored to those who want a thorough education about all aspects of the industry as well as those seeking shorter courses specializing in a single field.

For example, express classes in culinary arts provide students with a quick introduction to different aspects of the dining side of the industry. Areas of study include preparing pastry and breads; bar and restaurant services; catering and banquets, sommelier and bartending; and restaurant and hotel administration. There are 295 different courses, 55 in administration. These courses are spread throughout the year so students can participate in multiples classes at the same time.

In all the courses interaction between student and professors as well as a personalized hands-on approach, is a vital part of the methodology. The Academy also provides advisors who can help individuals who want to start a new business in the hotel or restaurant industry.

The hospitality and hostelry academy is the creation of ITCA-FEPADE which since the 1970s has been educating professionals in different technical professions in El Salvador.

In 2000 ITCA began a series of short-term, specialized courses for various fields with both long- and short-term curriculums. The need for specialized education in tourism led ITCA to establish its Hospitality Academy in 2006. ITCA has been administered by FEPADE (Fundación Empresarial para el Desarrollo Educativo) since 1986.

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