Mayan archaeology convention comes to Antigua

The IV World Convention on Maya Archaeology comes to La Antigua Guatemala and Hotel Camino Real June 17-19, featuring global experts on Mayan culture.

With the theme “El Popol Vuh Visto a Traves del Arte Maya” (The Popol Vuh seen through Mayan Art), the conference will contrast the colonial-period Maya Popol Vuh writings with the archaeological record.

Expert presenters include Iyaxael Ixtan Cojti Ren, Craig Argyle, Edgar Suyuc, Gustavo Martinez, Richard Hansen, David Sedat, Matilde Ivic, Tomas Barrientos, Donald Forsyth, Sergio Romero, Ruud Van Akkeren, Stanley Gunter, Jack Schuster, José Monzón, Cesar Castañeda, and Arthur Demarest.

The three-day event will also include the presentation of the book Imagenes de la Mitología Maya by Oswaldo Chinchilla and The First Maya Civilization: Ritual and Power before the Classic Period by Francisco Estrada-Belli. There will also be documentaries, exhibits, book sales and free tours of the textile museum Casa del Tejido.

The event is organized by Rosendo Morales of Eventos Antigua Guatemala, with a mission of preserving Guatemala’s cultural and national heritage.

Admission is Q90 per day, Q70 for students and tour guides (with ID). For more information, visit or email info@eventosantiguaguatemala.
You can also call 7823-6500 or 4997-8188.

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