May 2010 in Revue Magazine

Roadside attraction (photo by Fernando Ismael García)

Roadside attraction (photo by Fernando Ismael García)

We start off with some storytelling this month with The Nahual. It is a word that signifies “moment of radiance” and if that’s not enough to grab your interest, wait until you read what happened to Don Chequel when he followed a trickster nahual into a tunnel.

Ever wonder how much of Guatemala you can see in just a couple of days? Turning a short visit into a long-lasting memory is entirely possible, case in point Guatemala in 90 Hours. If you’re ready for some international travel, You Can Get There From Here, Guatemala to Machu Picchu offers an interesting historical backdrop accompanied by some excellent modern day trip tips! From storytelling to travel, next up, what to wear in 2010? Welcome to the Era of Nice Paca Finds! If you’re a shopper and you haven’t been to the paca, you’re missing some great bargains.

The People and Project highlight this month is Friends of the Deaf; Thornwhistle takes on Luciérnagas, Here Come Guatemala’s Fireflies! E-Thinking of You makes a great case for reaching out via the internet and Guate Life, Dead or Alive makes a great case for staying out of the trámite lines! Cooking with Love is Spicing it Up with Asmena Pankanea and Sensuous Guatemala features Sunshine. FYI, Ask Elizabeth covers the new municipal construction at the east entrance to Antigua, the much needed parking lot and an update on the World-Class Destination Program.

In honor of Mother’s Day in May we have a great assortment of humorous and serious quotations about mothers and motherhood throughout this issue.

Thanks for reading the Revue in print, we’re also fun, free and informative online at Watch for daily postings plus a trailer of Looking for Palladin premiering in Guatemala City this month.

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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