March 2010 in Revue Magazine

Cucurucho by Iván Castro/

Cucurucho by Iván Castro

Though this is a Revue anniversary issue, to keep things in perspective, the cover Cucurucho by Iván Castro symbolizes the incredible grandeur of Holy Week in Guatemala. But even before there were religious processions and celebrations, Joy Houston takes us back in time to Turning Points. The year was 1541 and “thatched-roof shelters went up all over in Santiago de los Caballeros, now La Antigua Guatemala … By the end of the 17th century there were 38 churches, including 16 monasteries and convents.”

Jumping ahead a couple of centuries, we hope that you enjoy this year’s anniversary retrospective featuring: The Birth of a Camioneta; The First Wave; Sensuous Guatemala, Semana Santa; A Linguist in the Mercado; Coyol Bouquets; and The Language of Corn. We are grateful to these authors and to so many others whose work has graced the pages of the Revue for all these years. And to a host of talented photographers, thank you for sharing the fruits of your labor with visual images that move us from tears to laughter to awe and inspiration.

The magazine is fueled by Revue advertisers who trust in our efforts to promote their businesses, and of course by readers in print and online who give us feedback and encouragement—we are most appreciative! Last but never least, Revue staffers, thank you for your loyalty and commitment to the magazine.

A quick change of pace: what to do this month? We have some interesting DateBook highlights: 13-Threads presents an International Women’s Day celebration; theater: “What Does a Dumpit Look Like?”; plus Festival Atitlán, workshops, excursions, art shows, music and more!

This edition is dedicated to the memory of Bill Paddock and Jane Binaris.

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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