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Shaman Tata Pedro of San Pedro la Laguna by Thor Janson

Shaman Tata Pedro of San Pedro la Laguna by Thor Janson

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The San José Cathedral, located across from the central park, is one of the most spectacular colonial buildings in La Antigua Guatemala. Elizabeth Bell takes us back to its beginnings in the 1540s, its reconstruction and completion in 1680, only to be abandoned in 1773. Then in 1984 the National Council for the Protection of Antigua began a extensive 22-year restoration project. The results of which you can see today.

This month’s cover compliments Thor Janson’s feature, Shamanic Rituals and the Power of Belief. Good Guatemalan honey has been compared to liquid gold. Beekeepers by Linda Conard highlights an ongoing project by members of Aj Tikonel Kab’ – Harvesters of Honey. Despite many challenges this group, though suffering setbacks, work hard keeping their bees healthy honey producers, and they have high hopes for their fledgling enterprise. Food temptations include Savoring Moments on the Cobbled Streets by Shannon McCullough, Vino y Cocina by Amalia Moreno-Damgaard; Lobster Fest by Tara Tiedemann and Flavoring Cacao with Vanilla by Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth. Also inside is a broad variety of subject matter: information, introspection, and for visualization, some lovely photos of trees from our monthly photo contest. For U.S. foreign nationals in Guatemala, you can get the updates on U.S. tax obligations.
Revue DateBook is always fun to compile, this month’s heads up on events could very well fill up your calendar!

Here is to June adventures, accomplishments, joy and prosperity.

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

Cover Photo: Shaman Tata Pedro
of San Pedro la Laguna
by Thor Janson


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