Ixcanul Volcano

FILM RELEASE by Matt Bokor.

movie-poster-ANTIGUA_IXCANULThis film has already made history by becoming Guatemala’s first Academy Award submission (foreign language category).

Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano attracts a steady stream of adventure seekers eager to climb its slopes, but the smoke-belching mountain plays a new role as the backdrop for the new, critically acclaimed film “Ixcanul Volcano.”

The winner of prestigious film festivals in Berlin, Guadalajara and Cartajena, “Ixcanul Volcano” is on a trajectory to become Guatemala’s first Academy Award nominee; it’s already made history by becoming the country’s first Academy Award submission (foreign language category).

The 90-minute movie transports audiences into the life of an indigenous, Kaqchikel-speaking family eking out a living working on a coffee farm on Pacaya’s fertile slopes.

The plot focuses on María, 17, whose parents have arranged her marriage to Ignacio, the coffee plantation foreman, in a union that would secure her family’s future at the plantation. Maria, however, has her heart set on a lowly harvester, Pepe.

movie-foto-2“Although María dreams of seeing the big city, her condition as an indigenous woman does not permit her to manage her own destiny,” the film’s synopsis explains. Later on, complications from an unwanted pregnancy force her into the modern world, where her life will be saved, but at a very high cost.

Written and directed by Guatemalan-born Jayro Bustamante, “Ixcanul Volcano” features an impressive, non-professional cast: María Mercedes Coroy (María), María Telón (Juana), Manuel Antún (Manuel), Justo Lorenzo (Ignacio) and Marvin Coroy (Pepe).

“A transporting, hypnotically beautiful debut feature… A simple, fable-like movie made in close collaboration with a real Mayan farming community from the Guatemalan highlands,” writes film critic Scott Foundas in “Variety.”

Having recently opened at theaters in Guatemala City, “Ixcanul” comes to La Antigua Guatemala this month for screenings at Cooperación Española, 6a av. norte, between 3a and 4a calle poniente. See DateBook listing, Oct. 1.

For more information visit www.lacasadeproduccionfilm.com



  • dorothy kethler

    Any chance this will be shown in Panajachel?

  • Dorothy Kethler, I have not heard about a showing but will inquire and let you know.

  • Ixcanul is an alluring and memorable film and, along with its director Jayro Bustamante, will go very so far. However, Guatemala’s FIRST ever entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar was, in fact, Luis Argueta’s THE SILENCE OF NETO. It garnered that distinction in 1994.
    Unfortunately Mr John Hopewell (@john_hopewell) has a wrong information, in his note in Variety. com of August 27, 2015.

  • Thank you for this clarification … Ixcanul is a beautifully rendered film, deserving of a nomination and perhaps just may win Best Foreign Film.

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