How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole ChristmasThis will be the Grinch’s third year in his attempt to steal Christmas, and this time he’s going to try in November and again in December. You know how he flies into the most horrible rage when he hears the sounds of happy people in Cualcuiertenango getting ready to celebrate Christmas:

“No! No! No! They cannot be allowed to enjoy themselves. They must be stopped.”

Get ready to come and see if he will succeed or if, wonder of wonders, maybe Christmas will steal HIM!

You know there’s a sad and sorry family of grinches out there. They come in all different colors—not just green. They are persons united only by their insecurity and the pleasure they get trying to infect others. The quality of “grinchiness” knows no limitations of age, sex, color or preference in popsicles. You can find them everywhere. You recognize them by their cynicism, insensitivity, selfishness and mean-spiritedness. The most dangerous are the ones who don’t realize the effect they have on others. Watch out! There’s probably one quite close right now!

This year we have an international cast to emphasize the international theme of the Grinch. Some 25 dancers, lots of helpers, the host and hostess, Max the dog, Masha the poodle and the narrator are all Chapines. The Grinch is a panza verde!

The production manager is Paloma Pérez-Templado from Spain; the artistic director is Mercedes Blanco from Cuba; Bette van Lunteren, the choreographer, is Dutch; Deborah DuFlon, in charge of theatrical design and costumes, is U.S-Guatemalan; Johnny Long, the producer is U.S.-U.K.; and the one who distorted the portraits so Whoville-like is Annette Weld, from England.

This just goes to show that without grinchiness, everyone can get along just fine!

See DateBook for performance schedules. Information tel: 7832-1884

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