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La Antigua City Tour

A new way to discover (or re-discover!) the best of Antigua.

Unless you have been out of town or are particularly recent resident, you might have noticed a new site around Antigua—a big, red shuttle bus flashing the signage “Live It Today, Discover the Past”. No, this is not an attempt by the Antigua Bomberos and their fire truck to break into the tourism market; this is the La Antigua City Tour—a new Hop On Hop Off bus route making it easy and seamless to dash around the beautiful city in the radiant, December sunshine while taking in some of your favorite historical and activity sites. It is also the most brilliant way to encounter some new ones!
Inaugurated just a few weeks before the Revue went to print, the City Tour is up and running just in time for the spike of visitors for la Posada, navidad, and the warm winter months those in the colder el norte are so envious of here in Antigua.

Here’s how it works—you purchase a ticket for $10 USD (all major credit cards accepted), you are giving a little red bracelet that grants you passage on any one of the City Tour buses, anytime during business hours, for three days. That’s right, three days! This has to be due to the fact that all of the stops on the tour are so fascinating (but time consuming), you could not possible squeeze them all into a 9am-6pm day. And that is what makes the City Tour so convenient—you don’t have to.

With three days to explore, you can take your time weaving through the city on a full loop (about 2 hours) then pick and choose where you would like to stop after that. Take a coffee tour at Finca Filadelfia, pop over to Hotel Casa Santo Domingo for lunch, cruise up to Cerro de la Cruz for the stunning vistas, take in the stunning charm of la iglesa de Alameda El Calvario—you are your own personal tour guide and can pick and choose how to spend the day (or three). If you need suggestions, the helpful and knowledgeable driver/bus guide can steer you in the right direction. In addition, your ticket will also give you discounts at Hotel Camino Real, restaurante Gaia, Choco Museum and more!

And just in case you think this is just for tourists, the La Antigua City Tour makes for an excellently relaxed day-tour for you Antigüeños well. Taking the tour gives you a different perspective on the city, as you can never appreciate finer details on doors and buildings when you have to drive yourself or constantly keep your eye on that precarious, cobble-stoned road when walking. Without the hassle of the everyday inconveniences, you can discover new details at every corner.

So what are you waiting for—hop on!

*Entrance fees to sites not included.

La Antigua City Tour departs every day, every hour, from each point of interest.
For a full list of sites and discounts, see www.antiguacitytour.com or email info@antiguacitytour.com.

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