We would like you to know about Hound Heights and why we need your help

Adopt a Pet from Aware (animalaware.org)

Adopt a Pet from Aware (animalaware.org)

Perhaps it’s a stretch to be asking for donations in order to care for injured and abandoned animals when there are so many human needs, yet suffering is suffering, and we’re all called to action in one way or another.

Hound Heights, AWARE’S no-kill animal refuge, is currently sheltering 220 dogs and 80 cats. Many puppies and kittens were adopted this year, some older dogs and cats were lucky enough to be placed in loving homes too, but the number of adult animals not suitable for adoption continues to rise. It’s easy to rescue an animal … next comes the hard part. These dogs and cats need medical attention, they need to be housed and comforted, fed and walked, brushed … many will live out their lives at Hound Heights, cared for by human kindness. They deserve no less.

If you would like to adopt a pet, Hound Heights is open to the public every Sunday from 10am to 3pm. You may not be able to adopt a cat or dog — but why not sponsor one?

Q150 per month will provide general medical care, flea control and food.

A one-time donation is also very much appreciated. AWARE is a registered non-profit organization in Guatemala, and a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation in the U.S. Donations in the U.S. are 100% tax deductible.

With connections to Humane Societies in California and Florida, AWARE has been able to send puppies to the U.S. for almost immediate adoption. US$300 covers the cost of doing the paperwork for 4 puppies. If anyone plans to travel to California or Florida, willing to accompany animals on the flight, your assistance will be very much appreciated.

    Wish List Includes:

  1. metal food/water bowls
  2. blankets, towels, and bedding
  3. dog and cat food
  4. dog and cat toys
  5. cat boxes and litter
  6. grounds-keeping equipment: shovels, rakes, etc.
  7. large plastic garbage pails with lids
  8. building materials
  9. a highway sign marker
  10. a sign for the main gate
  11. 12-hp generator
  12. printing of business cards and promotional material
  13. veterinary products including flea control, anti-parasite medications
  14. surgical supplies and equipment
  15. humane animal traps
  16. and perhaps tires for our pickup.

Hound Heights, Aldea Pachaj, Interamericana km 40, Sumpango Guatemala Xenii Nielsen: 7833-1639, 5401-3148 xenii-2[@]usa.net

For donations, correspondence and shopping with proceeds that support AWARE, please visit 4a calle oriente #23, La Antigua Guatemala


Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not find peace. —Albert Schweitzer

Adopt a dog from Aware (animalaware.org)

Adopt a dog from Aware (animalaware.org)

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