Guatemala: Launch Pad 2012

When we moved to Guatemala four years ago, we honestly thought we were on vacation! With each passing day it became evident that there was more to explore in this mystical land, and much more to discover. Everyone was talking about the “2012” experience—and now here we are!

There is a shift that is happening globally with many energies coming into play. Whether you are seeking it or not, the energy that is the heart of Guatemala will reveal itself—if you just give yourself a moment to discover it.

You may find you have the ability to feel things you have not ever felt before. You may touch things you have not ever touched before. How you break free and navigate these core feelings will be influenced by your reactionary system, which is habitual.

We are collectively at the “if not now, when” moment, and the time to let go of old habits is upon us. How and where is your future to go? Where do you want it to go?

While you are in Guatemala exploring the wonders of nature and the smiles of the people around you, this might be the perfect moment to give yourself the gift of loving your life. If you have been looking for the place to find your greater life’s purpose, congratulations, perhaps you have already begun!

written by Sri & Kira

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Guatemala: Launch Pad 2012

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