From the Publishers: September 2014

Rainy days are wonderful for crops, trees and gardens—this month’s cover demonstrates that rainy days can be full of fun for humans, too.

Honoring Independence Day, Elizabeth Bell gives us the backstory on the evolution of the Guatemalan Flag(s). Thor Janson offers Butterfly Watchers, along with some amazing photographs of these beautiful creatures. Linda Conard sat down with Oscar-nominated Carlos Argúello to learn more about his latest project, Fundación C.A. and its three-year program to train 900 young designers in Central America. Francisco Sandoval calls attention to San Juan La Laguna’s newest attraction, murals in Homage to 13 Baktun. And, congratulations to San Juan La Laguna resident Annytha Julissa Pérez Cholotio, the new Rabin Ajau (2014-2015), see page 94.

Sri and Kira ask us, What are you building today? while Akaisha Kaderli explains How I pack my family with me.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth features Pataxte Pods while Ken Veronda brings us the Sensuous side of Freesia. The Tax Corner posts some good advise for U.S. citizens, October is the deadline for filing taxes with the IRS.

If you are not hungry right now, you will be after reading Churrasco! by Amalia Moreno-Damgaard and Shannon McCullough’s overview of Restaurante Las Velas and the delicious offerings on its new menu. Guatemalan Architecture is the theme for this month’s photo contest. There were so many fabulous entries, you can see and enjoy them all by visiting

Thank you for picking up your copy of the Revue, either in print or downloading it online. More rain in September, pick up your umbrella and dance!

John and Terry Kovick Biskovich

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