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This month Elizabeth Bell recounts Francisco Marroquín’s many accomplishments as Guatemala’s first bishop and linguist. Next up, Tara Tiedemann reports on The Collapse of the Ancient Mayan World presented at the VII Convención Mundial de La Arqueología Maya 2014.

The cover honors renowned artist Ramón Ávila. Linda Conard calls attention to his life and his work in Abstractions from Within. In an additional artist highlight, the passion behind the photography of Christian Santizo is explained by Maren Albertsen in Shooting Stars.

Water for Life by Matt Boker offers an overview of Ecofiltro, and how this product has enhanced the quality of life by providing clean drinking water to many families in Guatemala.

Thor Janson covers transportation in Bodacious Buses, taking readers on a ride onboard Guatemala’s “chicken buses.” Also inside is 5 Survival Tips for Travel by Billy and Akaisha Kaderli.

The focus on food this month includes Pimienta Gorda, Allspice by Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth; Eat ‘em to Beat’em (Marine menace is Caribbean’s new delicacy) by Matt Bokor; and Refracción Time by Amalia Moreno-Damgaard.

Be sure to keep an eye out in Guatemala for the color Cardinal, Ken Veronda provides hints as to where you can find it. As well, you’ll find Smiles everywhere in this edition, both visually with photo entries from this month’s photo contest and in A Thousand Word Smile by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa. Thank you for reading the Revue, in print or online at

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