FOTOKIDS, Guatemala

Meeting the Dalai Lama

Meeting the Dalai Lama

Fotokids breaks the cycle of poverty afflicting Guatemalan youth using photography, graphic design and media technology as a voice for disenfranchised youth to examine their lives, families, communities and environment. Participants from some of the poorest barrios learn employable skills opening new opportunities, promoting self-esteem; leadership; critical thinking; and desire for continued education. Students receive traditional educational scholarships and our older students teach classes to younger ones.
The project currently has 103 youths aged 11 to 18 in Guatemala City and Santiago Atitlán, and 50 youths in Las Mangas, Honduras.

To help young people from poor barrios develop employable skills while encouraging self-exploration, expression and discovery, based on long-term intensive relationships between youth, teachers and mentors.

2008 Achievements

  • 5 Fotokids travelled to 3 U.S. cities speaking at schools, meeting the Dalai Lama, working with Tibetan and South African youths.
  • Exhibited their photographs in Paris, Estonia, Portland, Seattle, San Paolo
  • Won photo competitions; PIEA and BBC young nature photographers, U.S. professional training workshops in design and video
  • Creation of student-run design studio Jakaramba and stock agency

Current Projects

  • 3-year project training teen girls in information technology
  • Expansion Jakaramba design studio in Santiago Atitlán and City with professional mentors
  • Jakaramba serves commercial clients
  • Giving photographic workshops for public, NGO’s and businesses.

Wish List

  • Local businesses and NGOs who can use our youth publicity agency services
  • Sponsors to support scholastic or photographic education scholarships
  • Digital cameras

Contact info: Tel: (502) 2470-1332,
email: – also,
please visit us at

Working with some new camera equipment

Working with some new camera equipment

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