El Teatro Escolar en Antigua

written by Paloma Pérez-Templado, director

El Teatro Escolar en Antigua works to promote art and culture by encouraging and exposing young people to creativity and artistic sensitivity.

In March 2007 artist Pacho Toralla and his company Robalunas performed Calle Luna for the inauguration of the Teatro Escolar in La Antigua Guatemala. One hundred and thirty students from the Colonial Bilingüe enjoyed themselves, for many this was their first time attending a theatrical performance that included music, dance, acrobatics and jokes.

Next, children from Arco Iris came to see La Liebre y La Tortuga performed by Companía Scenium, then later children from Compostela attended a performance of El Gato con Botas presented by the Companía de La Universidad Popular. In all there have been 35 theatrical events attended by more than 4,500 students from 40 schools in Antigua.
Thanks to the support of school principals, teachers and sponsors, including Fundación G&T, El Teatro Escolar en Antigua continues to expand its mission.

This year El Teatro Escolar en Antigua plans to present plays that will bring joy and laughter to young audiences, Circo de Panchorizo, Restaurante Los Malafachas, Cuentos al Derecho y al Revés, and Sol y La Luna. As well, we’ll present the story of the Popol Vuh told by puppets; we will have plays that teach children to respect and take care of the environment like Basurita a Tu Lugar and El Árbol Amigo. And of course we can’t forget music and dance by the Masters Collado and Rosales and Bette’s dance Desde La Tierra, Marimba Femenina de Conciertos and Grupo Aj from Comalapa with Mayan music and poetry.

Wish List: Donations, both monetary and in kind; also, we’d love to have a theater with curtains, lights and seating.

If you’d like to be part of this project, please contact us: teatroescolarantigua@gmail.com

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