El Salvador Launches Coffee Forest Geotourism Initiative

El Salvador has started a project that intends to turn its coffee forests into world-class tourist destinations.

“Iniciativa de Geoturismo en los Bosques Tropicales de Café” will enhance the coffee forests’ geographical character, environment, legacy, aesthetics, culture and people. The program is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Multi-sectoral Investment Bank and the Salvadoran Coffee Council, among others.

El Salvador, for its limited size, unique characteristics and shaded coffee farms, offers excellent conditions to integrate cultural, social, environmental, historical and economic components into a world-class tourist product. With this initiative, coffee becomes more than a crop; the initiative tries to develop a geodestiny surrounding the tropical coffee forest and all its history. Action steps include promoting the attractions of the coffee forests; studying demand among potential markets; developing a tourism product and related services; and creating national and international marketing plans. This program will undoubtedly contribute to the sustainability and diversification of income of Salvadoran coffee growers.

A website is under development:

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