Discovering Passion in Guatemala

“Mar de Morado” by Raúl Illescas Palomo

“Mar de Morado” by Raúl Illescas Palomo


by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Passion! A word that evokes many differing images with diverse expressions of the experience. April is the month in Guatemala where passion ignites its richness with a cacophony of events, emotions and experiences that are here for you to discover.

When we live from our passion we experience a richer life. It is a richness that cannot be counted with currency or explained on a financial statement. It does not reflect in our home or our job, our clothes or our car.

It is an experience of our life force from a place of joy that transcends the mundane. Passion is a vital energy that can be happy, sad, intense or light. It can be enjoyed alone or shared with others, yet, in the end, it is a wholly singular experience.

Of course, there is the Passion of Christ, a rich tradition that is beautifully celebrated in Guatemala throughout Lent (starting on Ash Wednesday) and culminating with Semana Santa (Holy Week). Many of the devoted, dressed in purple and white, carry huge andas (floats) in processions that weave through the streets of La Antigua Guatemala.
And alongside this powerful display you can discover those who are just as passionate about their commitment to animal rescue, indigenous rights, education, quality medical care, food distribution and so much more.

In Guatemala there is an abundance of energies to inspire you and so many activities that invite passionate action. The day-to-day “grind” of earning a living can silently destroy our passion if we are not careful. How many people do you know who wake up each day dreading going to work or putting off the vacation of their dreams for another day?
Passion can be considered a dirty word based upon your perspective. Perhaps your passion is only achieved through intimacy or connection with another. Perhaps your passion has been hidden for so long that you are not sure where it went.

This is one of the many gifts that being in Guatemala can bring forward for you with ease. Everywhere you gaze you have the opportunity to connect with your passion…especially in April.

Relax and allow yourself to be inspired by the processions and the depth of the expression of passion.
Invite yourself to connect with the locals and discover their passion for sharing this beautiful country with you. Indulge in the local cuisine, and notice if your passion ignites while drinking some of the best coffee in the world or with your first taste of a uniquely Guatemalan fresh tortilla. Passion!
Ultimately, only you can offer yourself the experience of passion that is uniquely yours to claim and express. If your passion has been hiding then take this moment to remember that it is not a “sin” to be passionate. Remember that passion is a gift, and it is through your passion that your life becomes abundantly richer and richer.
And, if you still feel you need an excuse, then simply acknowledge it is April in Guatemala and passion is your birthright.

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