December 2008 in Revue Magazine

Holiday lights (photo: Rudy Girón/

Holiday lights (photo: Rudy Girón/

Our thanks to Rudy Girón, Revue’s own art director and graphic designer, for adding so much holiday cheer on the cover and inside this month’s edition with his photographs.

We are introducing a new series: People and Projects, and for December we’d like to tell you about Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala, NGO Networking and the Cojolya Association.

The Mystery at Tak’alik Ab’aj is about the discovery of an unprecedented stone sculpture that, as in the case of all archaeological finds, provides some answers but provokes even more questions.

The soon-to-be-released book ISTMO is a gorgeous hard-cover volume featuring stunning aerial views of Central America by internationally acclaimed photographer Ange Bourda in collaboration with Rubén Najéra, María Isabel Quezada and Evelina González de Herrera. It will debut in Guatemala in January 2009.

Our People Profile is the lovely ballerina Bette van Lunteren who choreographed the upcoming staged production of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” performed by local children and members of the National Ballet of Guatemala. See DateBook for more information about this performance along with many other scheduled activities including art shows, musical concerts, theater, film presentations, workshops and a special Holiday Calendar.

Our seasonal offering includes Sensuous Guatemala: Holiday Mélange, Christmas Music from Renaissance Antigua, The Night Before Navidad and The Gift of Giving.

Reminder to photographers: the January 2009 Revue will be our 6th Annual Photography Issue. We are accepting submissions only until December 10.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Prosperous New Year. —JBT

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