Cultural Festival in Mexico Highlights Harry Diaz Exhibit

The Caribbean Cultural Festival was held in Quintana Roo, Mexico this year. One of Guatemala’s foremost photographers, Harry E. Díaz of Quetzaltenango, was invited to present his impressive exhibit Luces de Xelajú. “Because of its magnitude and relevance, this festival could be called the Pan American Games of Art & Culture, to give a comparison,” said Díaz.


At the inauguration on November 13, the Secretary of State for Culture, Cora Amalia Castilla Madrid, welcomed government officials, the general public and 570 participating artists from Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Aruba, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Belize and Mexico. Ms. Castilla said of Díaz’s photography, “He magic lens brings a poetic vision to the majestic city of Quetzaltenango.”

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