Coffee: The Joy of the Harvest

In El Salvador, every year starts with fireworks, traditional meals and family gatherings. But also with the hope and joy of coffee harvesting, which is still going on, especially in the highlands. Coffee trees become bright and red, and between shade trees, sunlight gleams over the hopeful faces of producers and pickers. They’ve already begun this phenomenal task: to select the flavors of perfectly ripe coffee cherries, which represents the first and key step to preserve the quality of El Salvador’s most famous and recognized agricultural product.

Each coffee cherry is handpicked with the utmost care, as the plant will need leaves and branches intact, so that it can produce enough vigor to blossom again next year. This practice is an art, and our growers are well-known for their artisan skills and cultural practices.

Every year, the word spreads a little bit more among the specialty coffee experts — Café de El Salvador and its producers are committed to bringing the consumer a mind-blowing experience of spectacular flavor. Some might even say it’s one of the sweetest cups you can ever find.

In the next couple of months, look for El Salvador´s new crop coffees available near you, and taste a cup of pure joy, pride and celebration.

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