Coffee Forest: El Salvador explores a compensation plan for environmental services

El Salvador’s coffee sector has begun implementing an initiative called “Coffee and Environment” in an effort to conserve the El Salvador coffee forest and the environmental and social-economic benefits that it generates. The plan includes a compensation plan for environmental services, particularly from carbon-dioxide reduction.

At a social and economic level, the conservation of coffee forest provides the country with a source of employment, improving the quality of life of those who depend directly and indirectly on coffee activity.
Coffee forests provide numerous environmental benefits, including oxygen production, capture of greenhouse gases, water capture, prevention of soil erosion, habitat for flora and fauna, conservation of biodiversity and scenic beauty. The initiative will be based on deforestation that is avoided and envisions consolidation of coffee plantations belonging to producers with specific financial debts, through a commitment to maintain and preserve the plantation in exchange for financial compensation.

The avoided-deforestation rate will be offered as “VER’s” (Verified Emission Reduction) on the voluntary carbon market, generated by countries and companies seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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