Central American Travel Market 2010 to take place in La Antigua

Fri., 15 through Wed., 20th — CATM FAIR: The Central American Travel Market (CATM) 2010 fair is a technical and professional encounter, during which tourism offices from Central American countries have the opportunity to establish commercial relationships between the tour operators and the wholesalers of the main tourist-issuing markets at an international level including Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The main objectives are to promote the region as a tourism multi-destination—a highly competitive market in the international tourism industry—and to achieve an increase in the number of international tourists that visit Central America. More visitors to the region will generate benefits such as job creation, increased revenue, and local development in Central America.

CATM 2010 will take place in La Antigua Guatemala, one of the most important tourism destinations of the Central American region. According to CATM, La Antigua is “One of the most emblematic cities of the world. It’s historic inheritance will be the principal seat for this touristic and professional encounter of the Central American region.” The fair will be held at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. For more information and complete calendar, visit www.catmcentralamerica.com Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, 3a calle oriente #28, La Antigua.

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