Rainwater catchment tank construction program

Rainwater catchment tank construction program

CasaSito Association is an NGO based in Antigua that works to improve access to education and create development partnerships. We are small but our focused efforts strive to make a significant impact in the communities we serve, which are usually remote. Our public face in Antigua is the CasaSito Volunteers’ House at 7a av. norte #51.

Our long-term project is the CasaSito scholarship program which began in 2008 with 23 junior high and high school students from rural areas near Antigua. In 2009 we have expanded the program to a remote village in northern Quiché named Primavera de Ixcán. Our Education Fund also supports some schools and libraries directly.

Past Activities
CasaSito believes in the power of partnering and collaboration. For example, in the village of Chocantariy, Momostenango, Totonicapán, we partnered with Constru Casa and Stichting Los Niños of Antigua to build a bakery for a women’s cooperative, and we continue to partner with Give

Kids a Chance Foundation of Canada to run a nursery and kindergarten in the same building.

Current Activities
In 2009 we are expanding our rainwater catchment tanks construction program. We would like to build tanks for at least 10 needy families which suffer from a lack of clean water for cooking and cleaning. Each tank costs about $600 and is labor-intensive so we are soliciting both funds and volunteers.

Wish List
Also we are looking for funds to build a training center for an association of community radio stations called Mujb’abl’yol located in Quetzaltenango. The work that these community radio stations are doing in the fields of public education and awareness is solid and important.

Special Announcement
Music lovers should keep August 2-3 free, since we are joining forces with the Yale Alumni Chorus Foundation to offer a unique choir competition in the village of Santiago Zamora near Antigua. The event will benefit several social projects and promote music as part of a healthy education.

Contact Info
Please visit our web site at for more information. CasaSito is a USA 501(c)(3) organization and we are not affiliated with any religion or movement.

CasaSito scholarship students for 2009

CasaSito scholarship students for 2009

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