August 2012 in Revue Magazine

Revue's Datebook for August 2012August is upon us, and with any heavenly luck, so is a dry spell in the otherwise rainy season. In her column this month, Antigua historian Elizabeth Bell explains the timing and origins of the canícula, as well as its ties to Sirius (the dog star) and the dog days of summer.

Our featured article this month traces the footsteps of a video-production crew as it documented breathtaking scenery, friendly villagers and a dramatic sunrise overlooking Lake Atitlán. Robin Canfield writes about his challenging-but-rewarding mountain hike with Quetzaltrekkers.

We’re also pleased to bring you Capt. Thor Janson’s account of how a rural dairy farmer’s quest for water turned into something much bigger than a simple well. The discovery on the outskirts of Huehuetenango provided fossilized proof of prehistoric giants that once roamed the region.

Documenting more recent history, Guatemala City staff writer Anna Claire-Bevan takes us on a mini-tour of landmarks in Zone 1, such as Cien Puertas, El Portal, Cine Lux and more.

For a real hands-on experience at the Pacific Coast, Tara Tiedemann tells us about the perils and pleasures of going crabbing in a mangrove maze. Don’t forget the gloves.

We hope you like our photo contest winners this month; Guatemala town fairs was the theme. And check out new Revue Highlights at and on our Facebook page on line and in print, we continue our mission of promoting the bright side of Guatemala.

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