April 2012 in Revue Magazine

Fe by Jorge Ortiz - www.flickr.com/jaoj

Fe by Jorge Ortiz - www.flickr.com/jaoj

April and Semana Santa start off together this year. There will be processions and traditional celebrations throughout the country finishing on the 8th with Easter Sunday. A schedule for the major processions in Antigua is on page 72, and we will continue to post procession maps on our Revue Facebook page.

The theme for the Revue Photo Contest this month was “Semana Santa,” and once again we had some great entries. You can see the winning photographs inside and the rest you can see on our website. For next month’s contest the theme is “Mothers.”

A year after its restoration, Las Fuentes Georginas is looking good. Located near Quetzaltenango, this highland spa can be your headquarters for exploring the area. Matt Bokor and Thor Janson give us some insight on what to do there.

The folkloric festival in Jocotán will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th this month. Kathy Rousso explains how you can learn more about the Maya Ch’orti’ if you get to the Chiquimula area.

Phil Jones gives a great overview of some interesting things happening in the April skies if you are up for some stargazing. Anna-Claire Bevan interviews an up-and-coming musician. Dr. Hellmuth introduces us to the Stingless Bees of the Maya. The question asked by Sri and Kira is whether technology is our servant or master. Elizabeth Bell reminds us of concerts and fireworks in honor of Santo Hermano Pedro.

And there is lots more information, amusement and ideas in the pages to come.

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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