April 2010 in Revue Magazine

Story time photo by Jeffrey Jay Foxx

Story time photo by Jeffrey Jay Foxx

Our cover this month features the work of internationally renowned ethnographic photographer Jeffrey Jay Foxx. More of his beautiful photos can be viewed in the DateBook Highlight by J. Claire Odland on the upcoming exhibition 70 plus 30 Years of Mayan Culture. The exhibition also features textiles from the Hank duFlon collection.

Other photographers gracing our pages this month include Ange Bourda, Ana Aguilar, Eny Roland Hernández, Rudy Girón, César Tián, Jack Houston, Brent Holmes, George Carofino and Michael Sherer. We thank them for sharing their wonderful images with us.

We have some excellent writers to thank this month as well. Submitted for your approval: El Mirador– Champion of All; Brent Holmes reports on his trip, getting a VIP tour from Dr. Richard D. Hansen who has spent 25 years working the site. Joy Houston brings the past alive again with Faithful Treasures; restoring La Merced Monastery in Guatemala City. Food expert Dianne Carofino shares her lessons in Market Management, exploring the stalls at the Antigua mercado. Coffee-hater Dwight Wayne Coop aptly expounds on The Objective Virtues of Guatemalan Coffee. We find Thornwhistle in the garden campaigning for the ubiquitous Bougainvillea as the national flower. Michael Sherer gives a great argument as to why the ancient Mayan ball game is his favorite new sport in Whack, Thunk and Oof! Raconteur Ken Veronda reminds us to stop and smell the Seasonal Scents.

For readers of Spanish, Guillermo Monsanto writes a touching piece, Nuestros Ángeles, about sculptress Rae Frese Leeth and her upcoming exposition.

We wish you a Happy April.

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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