AnEcho First Anniversary Celebration

by Betsy Cerezo

AnEcho is celebrating its first anniversary! La Antigua’s Educational Cultural Home Office is much more than a conventional community center. Because of Antigua’s international populous, AnEcho has been able to weave a multi-faceted program to include not just our retired and semi-retired foreign nationals, also our Antigüeño neighbors, tourists, Salvemos Antigua members, and even Guatemala City dwellers.

In 2010 AnEcho will be continuing its weekly activities of tai chi and NIA, Al Anon meetings and bridge and tango classes. A “Brown Bag Lunch” weekly movie will be added with an open discussion afterward. We’ve planned workshops of jewelry making, writing your memoirs and relieving stress through art. We’re looking forward to art/history lectures, book review meetings, more discussion series and study groups, a “Yankee Swap,” and even Guatemala City excursions. We’re anxious for your feedback for other ideas and interests. And any and all leaders and facilitators, get on your soapbox!

Our success this past year is due to our many participates in all our varied activities. We’ll be toasting to AnEcho’s continued success and to the Antigua community who have wholeheartedly joined in the fun. Thanks, everybody!

The first anniversary celebration will be Wednesday, Dec. 9, 5-7 p.m. at
AnEcho, Casa Convento Concepción, 4a calle oriente #41, tel: 7882-4600

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